Payment order

Payment order

Payment order is an easy, safe and quick way of making payments. It consists in automatic debiting the owner’s account with the obligation ammounts for delivered products or provided services (payments for electricity and gas, rent, telecommunications services etc.). By establishing payment order you can regularly pass donations to public benefit organisations. You do not have to remember about the necessity of monthly transferring money into the account.

All transactions made by payment order are recorded on bank statement of the account owner.

How to start a payment order?

You must fill in a consent form (two stubs) and send it by traditional post to the Foundation. We will send one of the forms to your bank and the other will stay in our office.

In the form you must declare any ammount of the monthly donation.

If there is no sufficient ammount of money on the account, there will be another attempt of  collecting it after a few days. If it is still impossible, the donation will not be collected in the particular month. In the next month it will not be collected twice.

You will find a specimen form of payment order here

Cancelling a payment order

The consent on establishing a payment order is without time limit. At any time the account owner can cancel it.

Donators will be entitled to unconditional right to cancel single, realized payment order to 56 calendar-days (individuals who do not carry out business ) or 5 working days (other donators) from the date of charging bank account, and apply for reimbursement of costs.

The payment order can be suspended temporarily for the maximum period of 30 calendar-days after placing an appropriate order in your bank.

Remember! Individuals and legal persons can deduct from the amont to the taxation 6% of income (PIT – individuals), legal persons – 10% of income (CIT).