The Oriflame Foundation has a status of public benefit organisation.

It is included in Register of public benefit organisations entitled to receive 1% of the income.

By passing 1% from tax returns to the benefit of the Oriflame Foundation you help to realize our mission and thus – support other people more effectively!

Who can pass 1% of the income?

1% can be passed by:

  • people paying a lump-sum – PIT 28,
  • businessmen – PIT 36,
  • businessmen paying a linear tax – PIT 36L,
  • employees – PIT 37
  • stock-market players – PIT 38,
  • people who sold an immovable property – PIT 39.

How 1% of the income can be passed?

To pass 1% of the income you must write in your annual tax return its amount and KRS number of the Foundation: 0000146957. The bank transfer will be done by the tax office.

Program used in settling 1% of the income.

Use a free program settling 1% of the income, prepared by Oriflame Foundation and e-file company: