Who we support

The Oriflame Foundation supports women who bring up their children single-handedly, especially those staying at 24-hour centres of the support such as houses of single mothers, crisis intervention centres and hostels, in order to activate socially and professionally that group of beneficiaries.

We support the beneficiaries of the Foundation through organizations and institutions cooperating with us in various ways: counselling, coaching, mentoring, occupational counselling, financial, non-cash, organizational support.

Certainly, we also do help children of the beneficiaries – within the framework of „aKuKu” Programme we make their dreams come true. See more!

We cooperate with professionals – non-governmental organizations and institutions specialising in that area. See more!

If you represent a non-governmental organization and want to start a cooperation with us, fill in an application form. We will contact you and after initial vetting inform about further steps.

Important! We cooperate with the organizations specialising in this specific area.

If you are an individual and search for support in a way described above, contact organization/partnership institution that is nearest to your place of residence and join within its framework to our projects!

Important! We don’t support individuals in other areas than mentioned above and not represented by partner institution!

More about our projects you can learn here